At Arnøy Brygge we have 15 aluminum boats for rent, and these are perfect for a fishing trip.

Join a guided fishing trip with us in Arnøy Brygge! Our guides knows exactly where to catch the biggest fish. Our guides are phenomenal and have extensive experience. In addition, we are centrally located in a fishing-rich area with professional fishermen. We even have a fishery nearby. Guided deep sea fishing is available all year round.

Arnøy Brygge offers the best deep sea fishing with a guide and you are guaranteed good experiences at sea with us!

When it comes to fishing equipment, a good rod and reel is the important basics. In general, a rod in the class of 15 to 30 lb will be good enough. When it comes to reels, good braking, transmission and line capacity are important. Also, the reel must fit the rod. Shimano TLD reels, for example, are well suited for all-round deep-sea fishing, preferably in sizes 15-30. A reasonably strong multifilament string with a monofilament front is standard. In general, it is nice to have around 500 meters of line available on the reel. When it comes to jigging, trolling or other methods, it is generally smart to have a good and varied selection since the sea here is full of different types of fish.

For halibut-fishing, the halibut likes "real" bait in the form of a mackerel or saithe that is rigged. Otherwise, jigs are most commonly used. The size of jigs (and shads) is usually from 125 gr and up to 750 grams. Most commonly used is probably the size 200-300 grams.

Wobblers are underrated and can catch many different species. In general, these are used for sea trout and salmon fishing. Large wobblers can be successfully used for saithe, cod and halibut.

No need to stress, because we know what kind of equipment you need and have all the best tips for deep sea fishing. We have lots of fishing equipment in our shop, and have rods, suits and other equipment for rent. All the facilities you need for a holistic and good experience.


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Are you a company, group or family, then we are happy to make offers that suit you exactly. To make things the easiest way possible, we sew together a total package so that you do not have to think about anything other than enjoying the experience!


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